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Ele Bele Maachh - UNConditional Love

Bele Maachher Jhaal - Spicy Goby FishBele Maachher Jhaal - Spicy Goby FishBele fish [Glossogobius giuris] is a kind of fish that likes to lie amidst the sand or sandstone, found in streams and rivers usually associated with streams having gravel or sand substrates. It feeds mainly on filamentous algae and and also small fishes and crustaceans. The tank goby, বেলে Bele of Bangladesh,  Scribbled goby of Sri Lanka, Weligouva or Bia of Philippines found in the rainy season in the rivers, streams and beels. It cannot live in muddy water for long.

    The real test one has to face while cooking this recipe is to keep the fish from breaking since it becomes very brittle while cooking within a few minutes and it becomes a matter one's patience that determines the succces of producing this recipe as a whole. When this is accomplished the dish is given a particular name "Bele Machher Jhaal". While one can take pride on passing the test on the other hand one does not need to feel …

Poppy Pops - Narkel Posto Bora

Poppy Pops - Narkel Posto Bora Coconut, poppy and sesame seeds pop - Bengali finger foodAny other dishes if Bengali people be asked of he or she likes it or not, has tasted it or not, or just heard of it or not, one can expect diverse answers but "Narkel Posto Bora" is one of those recipes, which a Bengali can never be unaware of. The answer is a unanimous "Yes". The desire is nostalgic for every one and that is "mayer hater posto bora and musur dal" [Poppy fritter and dal cooked by mother]. Global Bengalis may be more into international fusion food, but for posto bora they will prefer the recipe to be the traditional and original one. The signature one. By , published by Prasadam: February 7, 2015 Prep time: 10 min | Cook time: 10 min | Total time: 20 min
Yield: 15 pcs | Serving size: 4 pcs | Calories per serving: 75 | 5 stars based on 11 reviews Ingredients: Poppy seeds paste: 2 tbsp, Shredded coconut…

Flattened Rice Dumpling, a sweet transformation

Flattened Rice Dumpling, a sweet transformation Kamini Bhog Chirer PuliKamini bhog rice is the medium grain glutinoussundried [Atap] rice. Due to the special aroma of Kamini bhog atap, the rice flakes [chira] of this rice is highly favourful and after cooking the grains remained moist, tender and produce one very aromatic dish. Rice flakes are prepared from the kamini bhog paddy therefore is extensively used in all rituals all over Bengal, semi-urban and even urban areas throughout the year. The preparations made from it are not only easy to make but they can be made in a short notice as well. It can be fried with spices and chillies to make into a hot and tasty food item or can be taken as a nutritious drink by mixing it in milk and curd. Since it is made from paddy, it is easily digestible. In some recipes it is used to increase the aroma of the traditional Bengali curries and also the gravies are thickened with the help of it.

The process of extracting the rice flakes i…