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Easy Eating 4 Busy Bachelors

Easy Eating 4 Busy Bachelors Badam Bata Peanut Bharta- Magical nutrient By , published by Prasadam: November 1, 2014I still remember those days when I was busy with 'my business', trying to cover the studies up to update the lag and raising my kids single-handedly, eating leftover kids' meal either over-calorie meals or no meals due to lack of time, my mom, my saviour recalling her motherhood days and taught me how to eat healthy and be wealthy with simple ingredients to be merry. This recipe will never let you down, trust me. So, hey IT professionals, bachelors, AND those of you who do not have their own time to meet themselves, try this recipe once, you will get a wholesome meal in no time, and its delicious too.
4.1 stars based on 11 reviews Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 5 minutes | Total time: 20 min
Yield: 2 Serving size: 1 tbsp | Calories per serving: 300Ingredients: Salted peanuts: 100g, Fresh coconut pieces…

Kharkol Varta - A Tribal recipe

Super tasty edible green local recipe Super tasty edible green local recipe By , published by Prasadam: August 20, 2014About 80% of the Indian population lives in villages and a considerable proportion comprising of tribal communities are living in remote forest areas. These group of people possess the distinct food habits & culture which reflects the use of medicinal values of herbs as edibles by tradition. India is very rich in ethonobotanical information. The different traditions, beliefs, needs and cultures of the various tribes and the diversity of flora in India richly contribute to plant folklore. My aim is to collect some undoubtedly tasty recipes of some medicinal plants from the natives who have been practicing the preparation of such dishes from generations together.Typhonium trilobatum [Linn.] Schott has proved their efficiency in treating many diseases like acute constipation and stomach ache, haemorrhoids and bleeding, skin diseases like eczem…


Steamed prawn Matsyakumbha Steamed prawn and poppy seedsBy Barnali Dutta
Published 11/19/2013

Anybody can go bravely a little adventurous with their limited cooking experience. This recipe really never went wrong.
IngredientsPrawn, de-shelled and deveined 300 gramsPoppy seed 1 tablespoon, soaked a little in warm waterShredded coconut, 2 tablespoonGreen chilli 2 to 3, as per tasteMustard oil, 1 tspSalt to tasteKasundi (mustard paste) 1 teaspoon (optional)Lemon juice, 1 tsp InstructionsMake a fine paste of all the ingredients except mustard oil, mix well.Put the mixture in a sal leaf (shorea robusta) bowl and cover with another bowl with the help of white thread.

Shal patar bati - Shal leaf bowlYou can also take banana leaf, make cones with banana leaf. To do this, you need to heat the leaf to make it soft so that it would not tear off.

Put the mixture into the cone and close with toothpicks.Steam or hot bath all the cones or sal leaf bowl pockets or put into the rice pot while cooking t…

Roasted prawn

prawn roast Galda chingri tingri mingri

Prawn Roast - "A Traditional Barbecue Recipe" My mother is an exceptionally good cook. She has an amazing quality to transform a single item with less oil and minimum spices into a sumptuous one, but my father has a talent of artistic food. Remembering his childhood how naughty he was, I still can find a faint smile under his mustache They both are in the 80s now. This recipe was created by him when he was in his 12. After coming back from school he used to go to the ponds that his family owned, both of which used to flood during the rainy season and a boat was required to communicate to and from the kitchen or the boithak khana (drawing room). The ponds were full of fishes and big-headed prawns. Baba liked to play hide and seek with the prawns. Generally the prawns were the last choice always at that time, because they had uncounted number of fresh water fishes. He regularly caught the galdas and nobody wanted to cook them. So he …

Fermented fish pickle

fermented fish pickle
Puthi Shidol Shutki
Traditional Bangladeshi fish pickle

To make Puthi Shidol collect good quality Puthi fish not scaled or washed, dry well under the sun for 4 to 5 days.Now wash the sundried Puthi fish (Puntius sophore)and soak it in water for 5-10 minutes allowing the excess water to drain.Soaking of raw fish is very important in the preparation of Shidol, Now the fish is put in an earthen pot (koloh/motka) filled with mustard oil.The earthen pot (koloh/motka) should be prepared by repeatedly smearing oil on the inside and drying under the sun The earthen pots are saturated with oil to prevent the permeability of air. Generally, oil polishing is continued until the wall absorbs no more of it. The quality of shidol largely depends on the preparation of the pot.The mouth of the pot is sealed airtight and the pot is then buried underground for a month during winter season or stored at room temperature for 3-4 months for fermentation. Salt is never added during the …

Chargrilled eggplant

Begun pora
Begun Pora One can silently feel the emerging difference of taste and smell between classic Bengali dishes and modern art of Bengali cuisine. For example, the color or texture of the begun pora makha (char-grilled on slow fire – mashed eggplant) with the hint of the mustard oil and oven-baked eggplant prepared with other vegetable oils although both seems tasty, no doubt it will be a pleasure for your eyes, but your native taste buds will remain compromised if you use anything other than mustard oil and you would have to fantasize the original taste every time. So a classic Bengali begun pora (chargilled aubergine) recipe needs mustard oil and coriander leaves. No spice is needed only salt and green chilies, optionally a smoked red chili and a dash of julienne ginger.
Grilled vegetables
Aloo Begun Pora - Grilled potato (aloo) and aubergine (begun)

Aubergine - Begun 500 gNew potato 2 to 3Asafoetida - Hing 1 big pinchSliced onion - 1,Julienne ginger 1 teaspoonGreen…

Geri gugli

Clam and snail recipe - Geri gugli
Traditional clam and snail recipe - Bengali dish By Barnali Dutta Published: January 10, 2014 Have you ever tasted ‘geri-gugli’? Clam or mussels nowadays are generally considered to be unpalatable to sophisticated people, though the native peoples in India ate them extensively,easily available in the numerous ponds and rivers banks. It is so tasty, personally, whenever I go to a local market my eyes are always searching for them. Edible clams, are often more or less rounded or oval. In Bengal it is called geri gugli. Clams are eaten more in the coastal regions of India, especially in the Konkan, Kerala, Bengal, and Karnatakaregions. In Konkan region Clams are used to cook curries and side dishes, like Tisaryachi Ekshipi, which is clam with one shell on. Clams or shellfish are locally called chipchip and local fishermen sell those in rural markets and is a food for poor families. During rainy season in Bengal these …

Taro Root Roast

taro root roast
Roasted vegetables By Barnali Dutta Published: January 6, 2014A traditional Bengali recipe. Bengali proverb "Kochu pora" means "something inedible." You should try the dish "Kochu pora". Its truely exotic.Prep time: 30 min | Cook time: 1 hour | Total time: 1 hour 30 minYield: 1 9" pie (8 servings) | Serving size: 1 medium slice | Calories per serving: 250 | Fat per serving: 12gIngredients: Maan Kochu (taro root) 250gSorshe (mastered seeds) 1 tablespoonSukno lonka (red chillies) 2 to 3Sobuz lonka (green chillies) 2Narkel kora (grated coconut) 1 tablespoonSorsher tel (mastered oil) 1 tablespoonDirections: Take the lower portion of the taro root (maan kochu) about 250g. The hard portion is best for this recipe. Clean and wash it thoroughly.Now roast on gas stove directly until it becomes soft. Make a paste of soaked mustard seeds (1 tablespoon) with salt and 2 to 3 red chilies…

Traditional Baked Vegetables

Traditional Baked Vegetables
Baked sweet potato and jackfruit seeds with raw tamarindBy Barnali Dutta Published: January 6, 2014For 4 person you will need 2 big sweet potatoes (misti aloo), 5 to 6 jackfruit seeds (kathaler dana), and 1 Indian olive (jolpai) or 2 raw tamarind with shell (kancha tetul) if jolpai is not available. Indian olive or raw tamarind are a popular seasonal choice of tangerine taste buds, its smell can also make one's mouth water, and kasundi will give a spicy blast in the dish. Prep time: 5 min | Cook time: 10 min | Total time: 15 minYield: 200g (4 servings) | Serving size: 1tbsp | Calories per serving: _ Ingredients: Misti aloo - Sweet potatos: 2 small, kathaler dana - jackfruit seeds : 5 to 6, jolpai or kancha tetul / Indian olive or raw tamarind with shell: 1 to 2, saltto taste, a dash of mustard oil: 5 mlDirections: Pierce each sweet potato several times with a fork. Keep al…

Baked fish paturi

Baked fish paturi
Baked Murrel and Prawn – Shoul Chingri Pora By Barnali Dutta Published: December 24, 2013Banana leaves are generally large, flexible, and waterproof. Traditionally banana leaf is very useful for cooking in India. When cooking food wrapped in banana leaves, it confer an aroma to the food and add a subtle flavor to the dish, This Murrel and Prawn paturi (cooking wrapped in a leaf) recipe – can be cooked like Balinese Fish Pepes, Amok Trey a Cambodian Steamed Fish Curry, Thai Steamed Curried Fish Recipe Hor Mok Pla, Yucatan-Style Grilled Fish or a Mexican baked dish like Tamales, Malaysian version of this dish called Otak-Otak, Pasteles of Latin America, or a Brazilian recipe called - Peixe na Folha de Bananeira (Fish in a Banana Leaf), but in Bengal we can easily use any of those edible leaf like lotus. bottle guard or pumpkin for a variation to cook the Paturi. . All dishes can be cooked like the same as Patra Ni Machchi or else Shoul Chingri Pora (paturi).