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Pummelo Sugarcane Juice Punch

Pummelo Sugarcane Punch
Batabi Lebu and Akher Rosh
Citrus maxima, Bengali: বাতাবি / Batabi / Jambira, English: Grapefruit
Sanskrit: Beejapoora / Matulunga / Madhukarkatikaa

The grapefruit is not to be confused with grape. Its pulp segments are pungent, tart either pallid or red and shell out easily. The fruit is highly prized in Asia, growing less today. I remember as my father also did that we used to play football with Batabi lebu due to overproduced fruit crops in my childhood days. After cutting and pulling the rind, separating the segments inside the fruit membrane, the giant lemonish fruity flesh is available to eat raw, salad, candied or as fruit juice. Its peel, which serves as a vessel for several core culinary preparations. The fruit bears multiple seeds, which is used to make essential oil.

"Pummelo Sugarcane Juice Punch"
By Barnali Dutta
Published 01/11/2014

Prep time: 00:15 | Cook time: 00:00 | Total time: 00:15 | Yield: 4 servingsIngredients

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

Palm Toddy Kernel and Green Coconut Summer CoolerPalm Toddy Kernel and Green Coconut Summer Cooler Toddy Palm Sweep Sap Mocktail
By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-04-04

I got the opportunity to share a very special coolified summer drink with everyone. We have great addictions for toddy palm. Let's start from the beginning. The palm seedlings or tal phopra, during autumnal Lakshmi puja is a must item to offer. Tal shash or jelly like sweet sap kernel of the Palmyra tree, sweet, clear, colorless toddy-juice and jaggery, and from the juicy mature palm, the yellow thick pulp. One will need a great effort to extract the pulp from the mature fibourous palm seeds, still we are fond of it, and last but not the least the tal misri, crystallized palm sugar lumps. I used palm sweet sap kernel and the tal misri for this indigenous drink, which we have during every summer from my childhood days.

Prep time: 6 hours | Cook time: 5 m…

Dolyatra - The spring festival with thandai

Dolyatra - The spring festival with thandai
Holi a grand bacchanal festival full of fun, frolic and revelry celebrated every year with gusto in the month of Phalguna (March/April). The lively elements of ancient festivals such as Madanamahotsava, Kamamahotsava and Vasantotsava have survived in the festival of Holi. On the eve of this two days festival, grand bonfires are lit to burn all impurities and on the second day people play with colored powder and water. People indulge in drinking as a ritual of drinking the nectar of Gods, singing of love songs and the temporary adjuration of certain restraints of everyday life, dancing, and merry making; Ritual obscenities are uttered to drive away evil spirits.
There is an easy naturalistic explanation of the Holi festival. After the apparent suspense of winter, the coming spring called people away from their houses out into the open as a symbolic gesture whilst a statue of Visnu or Krishna is brought out from the temple on the …

Thankuni Pata Bata and Drink

Thankuni Pata Bata and Drink
Thankuni Pata Bata - Mandukaparni/Brahmi Booti Paste
Centella asiatica Bengali: থানকুনি Thankuni
Sanskrit: Mandukaparni
In Bangladeshi cuisine Thankuni bata is eaten with rice and is popular for its medicinal properties.
s Thankuni Pata Bata recipe mandukaparni brahmi booti Centella asiatica

By Barnali Dutta
Published 12/19/2013

Prep time: 00:10 | Cook time: 00:05 | Total time: 00:15 | Yield: 2 servingsIngredients Ingredients: Thankuni pata/ Centella leaves, 2 bunches about 100 g Green chilies 2 Kalo jeera (onion seeds), 1 tsp Salt to taste Oil 1 tspA pinch of sugar to balance the tasteInstructions: Take the leaves from bunches (you can use whole leaves with stigma). Wash and clean thoroughly and keep in a big bowl of lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Take out leaves from water, do not strain, use your hand and remove leaves from water carefully.Though thankuni is usually not attacked by pets and diseases of serious nature, but this a small,…