Recipe Index

Bengali Recipe Index

FOOD GOAL We started to collect all things in a digital way, whether we all can make our "Desi food" fast and easy. For that we started reading books of bygone days. From old literature we found hints of answers to why we should eat mostly what we eat grown within 100 miles of our home (locavore). .

Byanjon Podaboli - Bengali Dining Course

The purpose is to distinguish the various dimensions of food culture of Bengal associated with basic task of rediscovering history considering advancement in modern acquisition. My plutolatry for traditional and cultural food forced me to make this journey through ages and to pursue expansive treasure towards the future.

1. Traditional Bengali Entrees

1.1 Teto Bitter

Bitter bites
Morning mists

1.2 Bhate Pora shenka


Bhate Pora Shaak Edible Herbs Bataa or Bharta [Mashed and Stir-fried] Classic recipes [Cuisine through the ages]

2. Fry and Fritters

2.1 Vegetables Sabzi

Bhaja bhuji and Tele bhaja Phul/Pata [flower/leaf] Bhaja Sabzi [vegetables] Bhaja

2.2 Maachh Fish Bhaja

2.3 Egg Fries

2.4 Poultry and Meat

2.5 Festival Hits Bengali Finger Food

3. Rice

3.1 Bhaat

3.2 Khichuri

3.3 Paanta  

3.4 Polao  

Veg [niramish] Polao
Non-veg [amish] Polao

3.5 Dom-e Ranna

4. Daal - Lentil

4.1 Dal Traditional Phoron

4.2 Sabzi Dal

4.3 Tok [with hit of sour] Dal

4.4 Muro Chingri Keema Dal

5 Curry Tarkari Veggies

5.1 Niramish Tarkari

5.2 Chhanchra Chhenchki Charchari Chapar Chhakka

6. Fish Maachh

6.1 Machher Jhol gravy

6.2 Macher Jhal [spicy]

6.3 Korma Kalia

6.4 Paturi wrapped in leaf

6.5 Machher Tok sour fish

6.6 Traditional specialities

7. Meat Mansho

7.1 Manser Jhol stew

7.2 Keema Mete

7.3 Regional Special

8 Sour Tok

8.1 Ambol

8.2 Chutney

8.3 Pickle

9. Sweet Misti

9.1 Yogurt dahi

9.2 Bhaja Misti

9.3 Bhapa steamed Misti

9.4 Roser syrup based Misti

9.5 Naram Pak and Karra Pak Sandesh

9.6 Regional Specialities

10. Beverages


11. Snacks

11.1 Jol-Khabar [Bengali special]

12. Spice Box

12.1 Traditional spice mix