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Edible Herbs and Greens

Edible Herbs and Greens
Shaak recipe শাক রান্না
In general the cuisine of Bangladesh is fairly elaborate and involves addition of at least three or four spices, whereas most plants or plant parts are cooked by boiling with water till they tend to get soft and then is eaten with the addition of a little salt as a soup or by mashing them up. Some plants or plant parts are also eaten after being fried with one spice. In these forms, the use of spices and oil are found to be much reduced.

In affluent households, the plant is usually cooked with fish or shrimp and not taken as soup or in mashed form, as it is followed in the poorer households, but they are sometimes consumed as a source of nutritious vegetables.

“Every plant has medicinal and other uses, no plant is useless.”

Jeevak kaumarbhritya (525-450 B.C), contemporary of lord Buddha, was the first “Historical” doctor of India and the world, whose skill and excellence in field of Medical science had no bounds. He was not a doctor of any…