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A Bengali Cultural Dinner Extravaganza - ABCDE

A Bengali Cultural Dinner ExtravaganzaPrawn Polao - traditional Indian recipeThese recipes can make a perfect feast. The prawn polao with creamy lentil sauce, steamed lemon bekti, nutty stuffed parwal and mango raita. These easy dinner recipes will help you to spread a traditional Indian platter on the table for any occasion. Published by Barnali Dutta May 1, 2014, Cultural dinner - A virtual treatEven simple rice can be transformed into a dish fit for a King's palate by once culinary skills, polao or pilaf is an example of it.To make polao one has to buy old and fine long grain rice (basmati rice or chamarmani rice) while making the polao one has to be careful so that the rice does not get over boiled and freed from moisture. To attain the maximum moisture free texture of the polao there are some tricks.* One hour prior to cooking one has to prepare the rice synchronously along with the preparations for the rest of the cooking course. One has to wash briefl…

Fish Kabab and Rainbow Mocktail

Fish Kabab recipe

In summer seasons we generally prefer a low-fat low-calorie diet even on the celebration days for that the Kabab is our one of the most favorite item on the leisure days. Most beautiful fact is one dashing dish of kabab not only attracts our eyes, but also gives a pleasure of our craving to it.
I used to ready and stock them in the refrigerator for our guests, but my calculative kabab experiment was hit this time. I just converted a desi Bengali dish to kabab.

I made the world famous "the gandharaj Betki" fish kabab with those very traditional recipe ingredients. My key ingredients of success is old techniques as kabab should never be over marinated, never overcooked, and I always followed the rule of Persian word "Kum" a little "aab" water, means marinated with very little moist or no water and most important thing is cooking temperature should…

Chaitra Sankranti

Chaitra sankrantiMung dal makha prasad - Fruity and Nutty Yellow Lentil
Food has great importance for Vedic Indians. All who live on this earth have to subsist on food called panacea. One is advised to worship food for it enables a man to use all his faculties. They wanted to maintain a harmonious balance between the different aspects of life. It was this outlook on life which made them attach considerable importance to the matter of food. These sages believed that the health of a man depended considerably on the type of seasonal food he takes. With that aim different food preparations were prescribed in different seasons by different puja rituals. These preparations of yellow lentil and seasonal fruits and jawb or barley sattu was always made and served as a offering of Neel Shasthi Puja and Charak puja on Chaitra Sankranti the day before Pahela Baishakh festival.


Yellow mung [mudga] lentil: Washed and s…

Raise heat tolerance - Switch to Panta

Raise heat tolerance, Switch to PantaPanta, the fermented rice is a basic food of poor people, but panta with dried fish shutki or ilish is a traditional platter and popular celebration food of Bengal during Pohela Baishakh festival. A similar dish consumed in the Indian state of Orissa and Chattisgarh is known as Pakhal Bhat. In Assam, where it is sometimes called Poitabhat, offering Dudh Panta (milk with stale water-soaked rice) is a part of the marital ritual. Among Hindu Bengalis, it is consumed during the Ranna-Puja (Bengali cooking festival). In Orissa and Assam you will find hotels where you can get an elaborate meal dish of Panta or Pokhal during summer seasons. Pokhal often differs from panta bhat in that seasonings and yoghurt are sometimes added prior to the fermentation process. The Halkhata has necessarily been a part of Poyla Baishakh festival , the Bengali new year . Most of the traders in the city are now busy with cleaning jobs at their shops and business centers in …

Tantalizing Tapioca and Tender Coconut Conjuring Drink Recipe

Tantalizing Tapioca and Tender Coconut Conjuring Drink RecipeBy Barnali Dutta Published April 11, 2014Sattvic foods are light and easy to digest so one can take this natural and healthy food without any ritual believes or customs as a seasonal food when we do not want to eat much and now-a-days when we are leaning over a nutritionally rich and low-calories summer diet. In my family whenever we had a long-term dieting plan for any special occasion as a goal to trim slim we always preferred this meal plan without feeling deprived. In Bengali culture there were some amazing food preparations for fasting rituals, which I think is very useful for tropical climatic regions. Items made from tropical rice cereals with yogurt - the doi chira [yogurt and flattened rice] or doi khoi [yogurt and popped rice] which is actually specially eaten on marriage or puja days known as dodhikarma or dodhimangal, another is jobber chaatu and muri [barley sattu and puffed rice] a special food item used to tak…

New year eve with awesome rituals

Bael Pana Bael Puree Bael TeaBeal Pana and Bael TeaBy Barnali Dutta Published April 7, 2014The fruit of the Bael (Bilva - The Golden Apple) tree, the family of Rutaceae is found wildly or cultivated throughout India. The leaf of Bael is generally trifoliate. This trifoliate leaf is symbolic of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. The Bael tree is considered as sacred by the Hindus. They offer its leaves to Lord Shiva during worship. The essence of its fruits and leaves possess an evaporating oil which is very good for human body. The leaves absorb foul gases from the atmosphere and keeps the atosphere clean. Bael sharpens intellect and concentration of mind. Toasted Bael leaves if taken with clarified butter and sugar candy powder sharpens concentration and intelligence. Ripe fruit is taken during summer to keep the body and mind cool and very good laxative. Decoction of unripe Bengal quince or Bael fruit baked for 3 hours with sugar checks dysentery and sorbet of ripe fruit pulp …