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Dhokla Recipe Round-Up

traditional dhokla recipeDhokla recipe A traditional cooking round-up. This is a great snack when you prefer to eat light. This time, I feel a bit overwhelmed when I find in myself a greater Indian. The recipe is from west India - Rajasthan, cooking style from south - Tamilnadu and cooked in a Bengali kitchen of Kolkata - eastern India. Fine Indian food round-up. By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-05-30
Round cut dhokla – a traditional Indian recipe Preparation Time: 10 hours | Cook Time: 30 minutes | Total time: 10 hours 30 minutes Yield Serves 3Ingredients: 1 cup gram flour.
Semolina or suji 2 tablespoon.
1/2 cup sour yogurt,
1 and half cup hot water,
1 lemon,
1/4 cup sunflower oil,
Turmeric 1 teaspoon,
Ginger and green chili paste 2 teaspoon,
Salt 2 teaspoon,
Sugar 2 teaspoon,
Sodium bicarbonate half teaspoon toasted and one teaspoon raw,
Fruit salt or ENO, 1 teaspoon,

For tempering Black mustered seeds, 1 teaspoon,
Shredded coconut, 3 teaspoon,

The Smiling Sun

Bitter and sour lentil soup - tok dal tetor dal
Traditional starter |  Fry n Fritters  | Legumes | Rice | Meat |  Fish | Sour | Sweet | TeaBitter gourd Lentil - Tetor Dal Lentil soup - Tetor dal
By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-05-25
Food can withstand all of the seasonal impacts on human body and Bengali food habit follows that rule from the early Vedic ages. Regular Bengali food can keep your doctor away in all seasons and may be the living habit of a Bengali with all sweet, bitter and sour interferences in their life by their neighborhood, friends, relatives, and well wishers is the basic mantra of livelihood, staying close to each other and staying out of mental stress!! So you can say all natural stress buster is present in a Bengalis life.The bitter gourd lentil is a dish which will never be so bitter that you would like to skip the dish. Today, the utility of natural green bitter vegetables …

Kolkata Mutton Curry Recipe

Kolkata Mutton Curry - golbari kosha mangshoTraditional starter |  Fry n Fritters  | Legumes | Rice | Meat |  Fish | Sour | Sweet | TeaGolbarir Kosha Mangsho Golbarir Kosha Mangsho By Barnali Dutta Published: May 24, 2014It is about Mutton Kawsha of the last century famously reputed 'kasha mangsho', one of the signature dish of Kolkata, first presented commercially by the New Punjabi Hotel popular as “Golbari” situated at Shyambazar five points established by late Ratan Arora around 1915-1920 still available the original dish there with some other specialties, a slow-cooked dark-brown dry mutton curry served with soft ghee-smeared chapattis, vinegar pickled onion rings and tamarind chutney. In that era no other meat serving eatery was to be found nearby. Few sweetmeat shops and some other fry shops were the primary occupants. Hence golbari has always encountered large crowd count for its food right from the start. In the beginning the shop served the usual chick…

Traditional steamed lemon bhetki recipe - rolled like roulade cooked as paupiette

Traditional steamed lemon bhetki recipe - rolled like roulade cooked as paupietteTraditional steamed lemon bhetki recipeTraditional starter |  Fry n Fritters  | Legumes | Rice | Meat |  Fish | Sour | Sweet | TeaSteamed Gandharaj Lemon BhetkiPosted on May 22nd 2014 by
Steamed lemon bhetki One of the not-to-be missed Bengali dishes is steamed lemon bhetki fish from Kolkata and Bhetki fish especially needed to be from nearby sweet water based resources for this recipe, best to taste if it is cooked with fewer spices and do not let the spices empower the fish taste. Fish paupiette is a classic French preparation of thin fish fillets rolled around a filling and poached. In this recipe the fish cooked like a roulade, like a braised dish. The word roulade originates from the French word "rouler" meaning "to roll".Cooking elaborate food and spreading the table to show affection or in honor of the people is the first step towards the communication of a Bengal…

Creamy Lentil Sauce

Creamy lentil sauce with coconut chipsCreamy Lentil Sauce This fresh aGram lentil with coconut chips - Narkel diye cholar dal recipeThis fresh and yellow lentil gravy with coconut chips is a significant Bengali dish, which can be served as an accompanier with rice or flat bread, luchi or puri as well as in all food course from breakfast to dinner from snacks to main course. It is amazingly tasty dish.I prefer unpolished locally produced grains rather than polished imported grains because imported grains contain harmful preservatives or additives and the quality of the ingredients after purification may have chemical residue.

One more thing about the Bengali cooking technique, Bengalis would prefer to add whole bowl of cooked lentil into the tempering pan called sombar সম্বরা the Condiment or ফোড়ন [phoron], slightly different from the other Indian provinces named as chaunk or তড়কা [tarka], বাগার [bagar] or Thaalithal , where tempering or seasoning are being fried in the …

Nutty fatty stuffed parwal

Nutty fatty stuffed parwal dolma recipePatoler DolmaIn International cuisine stuffed vegetables Dolma named as "dolmades" or "yemista", which is a part of the Greek cuisine, in Polish "golabki", in Romania "sarma", in Sweden "kaldolmar", and Egyptian dolma is called "Mahshi Wara." Published by Barnali Dutta May 6, 2014 "Tidy hidy parwal purse"Whatever the recipe variant we could try for Indian "Dolma" or "bharwa" or "Bharela", there are two main categories of Bengali Dolma, one those filled with a minced meat kyma or fish mixture and other one those filled without meat, a veg mixture like nuts and spices, rice also can be added like Filfil Mahshi a Tunisian cuisine dish in which a stuffed vegetable dishes that consists of stuffed peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, cabbage, and lettuce etc. The word Mahshi itself means stuffed as Dolma and is generally followed or pre…