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Heavenly Hilsha with melted fish bones

Sorshe ilish, the most recognized, very popular and classic dish of Bengali cuisine, a bright yellow mustardy fish preparation best served with hot rice. Mustard oil enhanced the taste of Hilsa fish. One can eat the Hilsa fish fry easily because the soft fish bones becomes stiff during cooking, which can be managed easily, but I remember we used to eat Hilsa from very little age. My mom knows some secret to dissolve the throne like bones during the steamed cooking also. Let's try. ইলশেগুঁড়ি – সত্যেন্দ্রনাথদত্ত
"Caught a chill from the drizzle ding the queen hilsa - a dancing duo with full of roe"
ইলশেগুঁড়িইলশেগুঁড়িইলিশমাছেরডিম| ইলশেগুঁড়িইলশেগুঁড়িদিনেরবেলায়হিম| কেয়াফুলেঘুণলেগেছে, পড়তেপরাগমিলিয়েগেছে, মেঘেরসীমায়

Taro chips - Food craft

The ideas of Class, culture or custom differences were always a vague issue in our family ethics. My parents say intelligent ordinary working people do not require those things to attain respect or greatness. Always remember we earn money with effort, but respect requires hardship and intelligence requires constant alertness. So, the food habits of our family encompass many things which are known as antireligious ethics or poor men's domain. This recipe, my grandmother had learned from their farm servants, locally called Munish, and always catered it happily to the family demands. Like this recipe there are numerous other astonishing recipes. I was wondering if I could retrieve all the same.It is not popular because the food part contains calcium oxalate crystals and that must be removed during cooking. The plant is inedible when raw and considered toxic due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals, typically as raphides. There are many ways to cook taro to avoid the…