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Fruitful Orange Cauliflower

Kamala Kopi - Fruitful Orange CauliflowerKamala Kopi - Orange Cauliflower
Winter means to us 'the Kolkatians' of "The City of Joy"as the season of Gali Cricket matches [the lane crickets of India] and Badminton and Volleyball till late night, Picnics in the suburbs, Film festivals at Nandan and Gorky Sadan, Dover Lane Music Conference, Russian Ballet 'Swan Lake', 'Gemini Circus' at Park Circus, P C Sorcar 'Magic shows', 'Yova Utsav' at Netaji Indoor, Theater at Academy of Fine Arts, Book fair and Exhibitions of the Maidan, the late night classic movies on DD channel and on Sunday afternoon the best Indian movies of all states and enjoying Arthur Conan Doyle detective stories under the blanket before sleeping. Also what definitely comes in mind with the onset of winter are the various food fairs comprising of Oranges and Cauliflowers held at home almost everyday. Thoughts of Flury's cake on Christmas Days and also Hot patties from…

Irresistible Egg - Bengali Deem Dish

Irresistible Egg - Bengali Deem Dish Haser Dimer Khasha - Duck Egg Dish Previously in Bangladesh, people did not eat chicken, but there was no such taboo on the consumption of duck meat and eggs. For the backyard Poultry in Bangladesh, the ducks were usually sold for table purpose and the chicken as game birds for fighting. The inputs required were very small as they scavenge their feed requirements and were raised with little veterinary care. They were ready to eat everything from a duck's egg, quail’s egg, tortoise egg, to even a pigeon's egg, but in case of chicken almost all the eggs produced were made to hatch and reluctant to take a single due to socio-religious taboo. This ideology has increasingly reduced in tenacity in the last two decades.

On the farm the poultry animals played other important roles beyond a source of food protein. The chickens were used to control insect population. Chickens will eat many pests found in a garden and if allowed to roam the farmyard …

Steamed Sheem - dELICIOUS LabLab Linn

Simple flat bean dish in little to no time Simple flat bean dish in little to no time
Shim or Sheem is commonly known as string beans as they enclose a tough fiber running along the seam from one end to the other of the flattened pods. Therefore, it is also called flat beans. The mature velvety sheem has a sweet crunchy taste with an excellent texture.

Apart from mung daal or black gram, toor daal or pigeon peas, and bengal gram or cholar daal, the Big Four of pulses that are commonly used all over India, red lentil or masoor, cow peas, horse gram, lablab bean, there are several others that are also very popular. Like most members of the family these pulses are excellent sources of protein, B vitamins like thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3, pantothenic acid B5, and folate folic acid/vitamin B9 as well as several dietary minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sulphur.
"Sorshe Posto Sheem - dELICIOUS LabLab Linn"
By Barnali Dutta
Published 11/18/2…

Hot and Sour Fish - Climbing Perch

Hot and Sour Fish Recipe Climbing Perch Kwoi Tok Jhal Koi Machh recipe This is my grandmother's sour fish recipe. I like to follow the recipe as it is, but honestly, a 100 year old daily recipe has now become a very costly affair today. It has an elevated status due to its' taste and unavailability and its price reflects it. It is one of the best side dishes for the hard core fish-and-rice lover Bengali. One such dish, which consequently demands more eating than regular quantity consciously and unconsciously, amazingly delicious and light. The tangerine juice of tamarind and chili mustard paste provides a lovely sour and hot taste, which heightens the best flavour of koi or climbing perch, I feel, besides all other rich recipes like cauliflower koi, ganga jamuna, tel koi or even green and koi dish. By Barnali Dutta Published: November 7, 2014

Earlier in my childhood days though I did not like to eat the Kwoi fish due to its blackish color and also for its sharp bones, ev…

Easy Eating 4 Busy Bachelors

Easy Eating 4 Busy Bachelors Badam Bata Peanut Bharta- Magical nutrient Bengali Badam Bata - Peanut Bharta RecipeBy , published by Prasadam: November 1, 2014I still remember those days when I was busy with 'my business', trying to cover the studies up to update the lag and raising my kids single-handedly, eating leftover kids' meal either over-calorie meals or no meals due to lack of time, my mom, my saviour recalling her motherhood days and taught me how to eat healthy and be wealthy with simple ingredients to be merry. This recipe will never let you down, trust me. So, hey IT professionals, bachelors, AND those of you who do not have their own time to meet themselves, try this recipe once, you will get a wholesome meal in no time, and its delicious too.
4.1 stars based on 11 reviews Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 5 minutes | Total time: 20 min
Yield: 2 Serving size: 1 tbsp | Calories per serving: 300Ingredients: Salted peanuts…

Pummelo Sugarcane Juice Punch

Pummelo Sugarcane Punch
Batabi Lebu and Akher Rosh
Citrus maxima, Bengali: বাতাবি / Batabi / Jambira, English: Grapefruit
Sanskrit: Beejapoora / Matulunga / Madhukarkatikaa

The grapefruit is not to be confused with grape. Its pulp segments are pungent, tart either pallid or red and shell out easily. The fruit is highly prized in Asia, growing less today. I remember as my father also did that we used to play football with Batabi lebu due to overproduced fruit crops in my childhood days. After cutting and pulling the rind, separating the segments inside the fruit membrane, the giant lemonish fruity flesh is available to eat raw, salad, candied or as fruit juice. Its peel, which serves as a vessel for several core culinary preparations. The fruit bears multiple seeds, which is used to make essential oil.

"Pummelo Sugarcane Juice Punch"
By Barnali Dutta
Published 01/11/2014

Prep time: 00:15 | Cook time: 00:00 | Total time: 00:15 | Yield: 4 servingsIngredients