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Savory Tomato Sooji Halwa - Nonta Suji

Nonta SujiBy Barnali DuttaPublished 9th August 2015The easiest of easy recipes for those moms whose youngsters ignore lunch during break. I remember I used to give this food a titbit fun shape. My kids always complained to me that the smell emanating the boxes did tend to pull a crowd of their friends towards it and they had to hide to have a little for themselves. One can make this healthy dish in a couple of minutes using very few ingredients and also make it a more than satisfiably delicious one.IngredientsDry roasted Semolina, sooji: 1/2 cupsmall cubed carrots, onions, [green, yellow, red] capsicums: 1/3 cupminced chili and ginger: 2 tspcurry leaves: 5 to 6blanched, peeled and pureed fresh tomato: 1/2 cupsalt and sugar to tastefor tempering asafoetida powder a little pinch, and whole cumin, mustard seeds, and crushed peanuts: 1 tsp eachfresh lemon juice: one whole lemonCoriander leaves [cilantro]: for garnishingcooking oilbutter [optional]InstructionsIn a large pot boil 1 cup wat…