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Easy Eating 4 Busy Bachelors

Easy Eating 4 Busy Bachelors Badam Bata Peanut Bharta- Magical nutrient Bengali Badam Bata - Peanut Bharta RecipeBy , published by Prasadam: November 1, 2014I still remember those days when I was busy with 'my business', trying to cover the studies up to update the lag and raising my kids single-handedly, eating leftover kids' meal either over-calorie meals or no meals due to lack of time, my mom, my saviour recalling her motherhood days and taught me how to eat healthy and be wealthy with simple ingredients to be merry. This recipe will never let you down, trust me. So, hey IT professionals, bachelors, AND those of you who do not have their own time to meet themselves, try this recipe once, you will get a wholesome meal in no time, and its delicious too.
4.1 stars based on 11 reviews Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 5 minutes | Total time: 20 min
Yield: 2 Serving size: 1 tbsp | Calories per serving: 300Ingredients: Salted peanuts…

Kharkol Varta - A Tribal recipe

Varta or Bhorta in Bengali cuisine is a mashed vegetable or fish item and this is a super tasty edible green local recipe. Indian population lives in villages and a considerable proportion comprising of tribal communities are living in remote forest areas. These group of people possess the distinct food habits & culture which reflects the use of medicinal values of herbs as edibles by tradition.

Directions: 1.  Take only the leaves for this recipe, wash and clean well. Let the water dry completely.

2.  Take a flat iron skillet to dry roast the leaves, put on fire. Add leaves, shallot, garlic, whole chili, and whole black pepper on the hot skillet.

3.  Keep the fire to simmer. Let all the ingredients roast slowly until it become crispy.

4.  Put off the fire. Add salt now. Wait until the skillet becomes completely cool.

5.  Grind everything with the help of mortar and pestle or flat grindstone [kal chatti/shil nora]

6.  Take the paste or varta in a bowl, add raw mustard oil …


Steamed prawn Matsyakumbha Steamed prawn and poppy seedsBy Barnali Dutta
Published 11/19/2013

Anybody can go bravely a little adventurous with their limited cooking experience. This recipe really never went wrong.
IngredientsPrawn, de-shelled and deveined 300 gramsPoppy seed 1 tablespoon, soaked a little in warm waterShredded coconut, 2 tablespoonGreen chilli 2 to 3, as per tasteMustard oil, 1 tspSalt to tasteKasundi (mustard paste) 1 teaspoon (optional)Lemon juice, 1 tsp InstructionsMake a fine paste of all the ingredients except mustard oil, mix well.Put the mixture in a sal leaf (shorea robusta) bowl and cover with another bowl with the help of white thread.

Shal patar bati - Shal leaf bowlYou can also take banana leaf, make cones with banana leaf. To do this, you need to heat the leaf to make it soft so that it would not tear off.

Put the mixture into the cone and close with toothpicks.Steam or hot bath all the cones or sal leaf bowl pockets or put into the rice pot while cooking t…

Matar Dal Bhate

Boiled over rice
Boiled over rice (Matar dal bhate) By Barnali Dutta Published on : 2013-23-12Find us on Google+
Matar Dal balls (split peas lentil). A traditional steamed Bengali dish served at the beginning of the meal, very unusual and tasty legume dish. Prep time: 12 hours | Cook time: 10 min | Total time: 12 hours 10 mins
Yield: | Serving size: 4 | Calories per serving: 128

Ingredient:Split peas 150g (for 4 persons)Green chillies 2 to 4Mustard paste 1 teaspoonGrated coconut 2 tablespoon Mustard oil and salt as required
Take dal, wash thoroughly and soak overnight in sufficient water. In the morning grind the dal with enough water to make a little dry paste so that one can make balls out of it .
Add 1 to 2 chopped green chillies, salt and sorshe (mustard) paste. Make 4 balls.
Now cook rice for the meal. While cooking rice when the water begins to boil, drop the pea balls one by one in the rice cooking pot. Let it cook until the rice is done Then first put the…

Bataa and Bharta - Craving Dish

Bangladesh recipe Mushur Dal Bharta RecipeBy Barnali Dutta
Published 11/16/2013
Signature dish of absolutely novice cook - wholesome, nutritious, and super tasty dish. Some of these dishes are good companion with hot rice and some with leftover or soaked rice, like one of these one pot meal dishes can make you satisfied and comfortable anytime anywhere, feeding the indigenous way.