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Phul Kurry

Sojne Phul Tarkari - Moringa Oleifera Flower CurrySojne Phul Tarkari - Moringa Oleifera Flower CurryIn our childhood days gatherings and preparing dishes from items of the wild or of the neighborhood garden was a regular day activity, which when defined is not so unsophisticated like nowadays. Now we prefer food found in the local market rather than grown or collected. I still remember during summer holidays how we quietly did shake the sojne trees and collect handful of flowers. Truly speaking for me growing veggies [without soil] in own kitchen garden is more interesting than snatching from other's. I have had a lifetime passion and patience for this.

Moringa Oleifera flower is slightly bitter in taste than its fruit. I generally cook any bitter dish with combination of sweet vegetables. This traditional recipe can be cooked both with brinjal or sweet pumpkin. I prefer pumpkin.

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Spice Box

Spice An intelligent selection of spices for Indian cuisine can give exact flavor and taste in any regional recipes, a novice approach also can create any dish with a true distinction. Many dishes from the eastern region of India are not generally highly spiced. A wise handling of spices in a less amount balanced with salt, pepper  - green and red chilli as well as peppercorn with a dash of sugar can spread a five-course delicious meal. Older days in Bengal, spices were used to store in separate earthen pot wrapped in muslin cloth.  There were special corner of the kitchen or another room in the house called bharar ghor - ভাড়ার ঘর (store room) a cool and dark place. Now today, I chose to store my spice mixes in a box with small zip-lock pouches, labeled, inside my freezer. Believe me, I also help myself with easy food like these busy days and world, but like me foodie my spice gives me satisfaction on the table with house full of aroma.

Byanjon Podaboli - Bengali Dining Course

Byanjon Podaboli - Bengali dining course Bangla Rannar Pala O Parbon - Popular Kolkata Cuisine and Authentic Bengali Recipes

This site is about Indian food and authentic Bengali recipes and some simple ideas on how one can convert a traditional recipe to an exotic modern presentation, a thoughtful discussion about food history in relation to Ayurveda, culture and food science, the Vedic sutras and folklore, which ascribed why we should eat seasonally and stay fit with healthy food. Seasonal foods like vegetable, fruit, and fish are cost effective and consumers demand of foods are always reflecting crop production and market economy, which can save the food biodiversity and extinct species of flora and fauna.

[Bhatiyali Folk Song is a traditional boat song of eastern Bengal. It is sung by boatmen during the journey across down streams of the river. 'Bhatiyali' means the downstream or ebb. Beginning with an endearing address, the voice of the song takes a loud flight of top…