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Irresistible Egg - Bengali Deem Dish

Irresistible Egg - Bengali Deem Dish Haser Dimer Khasha - Duck Egg Dish Previously in Bangladesh, people did not eat chicken, but there was no such taboo on the consumption of duck meat and eggs. For the backyard Poultry in Bangladesh, the ducks were usually sold for table purpose and the chicken as game birds for fighting. The inputs required were very small as they scavenge their feed requirements and were raised with little veterinary care. They were ready to eat everything from a duck's egg, quail’s egg, tortoise egg, to even a pigeon's egg, but in case of chicken almost all the eggs produced were made to hatch and reluctant to take a single due to socio-religious taboo. This ideology has increasingly reduced in tenacity in the last two decades.

On the farm the poultry animals played other important roles beyond a source of food protein. The chickens were used to control insect population. Chickens will eat many pests found in a garden and if allowed to roam the farmyard …