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Ele Bele Maachh - UNConditional Love

Bele Maachher Jhaal - Spicy Goby FishBele Maachher Jhaal - Spicy Goby FishBele fish [Glossogobius giuris] is a kind of fish that likes to lie amidst the sand or sandstone, found in streams and rivers usually associated with streams having gravel or sand substrates. It feeds mainly on filamentous algae and and also small fishes and crustaceans. The tank goby, বেলে Bele of Bangladesh,  Scribbled goby of Sri Lanka, Weligouva or Bia of Philippines found in the rainy season in the rivers, streams and beels. It cannot live in muddy water for long.

    The real test one has to face while cooking this recipe is to keep the fish from breaking since it becomes very brittle while cooking within a few minutes and it becomes a matter one's patience that determines the succces of producing this recipe as a whole. When this is accomplished the dish is given a particular name "Bele Machher Jhaal". While one can take pride on passing the test on the other hand one does not need to feel …

Hot and Sour Fish - Climbing Perch

Hot and Sour Fish Recipe Climbing Perch Kwoi Tok Jhal Koi Machh recipe This is my grandmother's sour fish recipe. I like to follow the recipe as it is, but honestly, a 100 year old daily recipe has now become a very costly affair today. It has an elevated status due to its' taste and unavailability and its price reflects it. It is one of the best side dishes for the hard core fish-and-rice lover Bengali. One such dish, which consequently demands more eating than regular quantity consciously and unconsciously, amazingly delicious and light. The tangerine juice of tamarind and chili mustard paste provides a lovely sour and hot taste, which heightens the best flavour of koi or climbing perch, I feel, besides all other rich recipes like cauliflower koi, ganga jamuna, tel koi or even green and koi dish. By Barnali Dutta Published: November 7, 2014

Earlier in my childhood days though I did not like to eat the Kwoi fish due to its blackish color and also for its sharp bones, ev…

Heavenly Hilsha with melted fish bones

Sorshe ilish, the most recognized, very popular and classic dish of Bengali cuisine, a bright yellow mustardy fish preparation best served with hot rice. Mustard oil enhanced the taste of Hilsa fish. One can eat the Hilsa fish fry easily because the soft fish bones becomes stiff during cooking, which can be managed easily, but I remember we used to eat Hilsa from very little age. My mom knows some secret to dissolve the throne like bones during the steamed cooking also. Let's try. ইলশেগুঁড়ি – সত্যেন্দ্রনাথদত্ত
"Caught a chill from the drizzle ding the queen hilsa - a dancing duo with full of roe"
ইলশেগুঁড়িইলশেগুঁড়িইলিশমাছেরডিম| ইলশেগুঁড়িইলশেগুঁড়িদিনেরবেলায়হিম| কেয়াফুলেঘুণলেগেছে, পড়তেপরাগমিলিয়েগেছে, মেঘেরসীমায়