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Fish Kabab and Rainbow Mocktail

Fish Kabab recipe

In summer seasons we generally prefer a low-fat low-calorie diet even on the celebration days for that the Kabab is our one of the most favorite item on the leisure days. Most beautiful fact is one dashing dish of kabab not only attracts our eyes, but also gives a pleasure of our craving to it.
I used to ready and stock them in the refrigerator for our guests, but my calculative kabab experiment was hit this time. I just converted a desi Bengali dish to kabab.

I made the world famous "the gandharaj Betki" fish kabab with those very traditional recipe ingredients. My key ingredients of success is old techniques as kabab should never be over marinated, never overcooked, and I always followed the rule of Persian word "Kum" a little "aab" water, means marinated with very little moist or no water and most important thing is cooking temperature should…

Lebu Bhaat and Topshe Machh Bhaja

Bengali Lemon rice and Topse fish fry
Lemon flavored rice with ghee and scrapped coconut served with
Topshe fish fry
It is to no wonder a poet like "Iswar Gupta" composed a lengthy poem solely on "Tapse fish or "Mango fish" by the British. Iswar Gupta was highly addicted to the Topse fish.
Ishwar Gupter Granthabali - Vol.1-2 pg. 122Topse a soft-bone fish, close to extinct, now in 2014 is Rs 700 a kilo [about 15 fishes]. I heard from my father it was available in the 1950s approximate half a rupee per 20 pieces.  Still Bangalees love it very much.Legendary director and renowned writer Satyajit Ray wrote a total of 35 Feluda [detective] stories.  The detective Pradosh Mitter's favorite cousin-cum-assistant Topse [Topeshranjan Mitter] is to Feluda as was Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes and the narrator in all the stories. I doubt if the name Topse came to his mind from the intense love for "Topse fish" he had. Oh Bengali, come, let us find some s…

Kachki Machher Sonajhuri R BatiCharchari

Kachki fish goldenfry and steamed fish baticharchari
Kachki fish goldenfry and steamed fish By Barnali Dutta Published: February 21, 2014The Kachki fish [কাচকি মাছ Spice C. soborna] common name in English "Ganges river sprat" local name in Bangladesh "Kachki, Guramach and Taki". With the same ingredients only different technique and minimum cooking you can get two very different recipes and unbelievably tasty. Now In India, in the state West Bengal You can find the Bengali hindu people easily dividing themselves into two codes, neither caste nor prosperity their identity belongs to East and West Bengal known as Bangal [বাঙাল] and ghoti [ঘটি or এদেশী]. Pre-independence who were rooted to the west part of the country Bangladesh (now in India as West Bengal) is popularly known as ghoti. Bangal people are who lived in the eastern part of the Bangladesh, but migrated after partition of the country to the west with the willingness to live…

Fish battered-fry

Bombay duck lotte fish fritters
Lotte fish - Bombay duck butterfly By Barnali Dutta Published: February 11, 2014The lotte fish or loitta fish is mostly recognized as Bombil or Bombay duck (Harpodon nehereus)  in India. Bengali people would consider daily intakes of loytta or lotte fish to their kids for the phosphorus requirements of the youngsters and to avoid poor eye sights. This fish has stronger gel like fish meat contents very high moisture (89%) along with high enzymatic and bacteriological activity in Bombay duck meat are responsible for short shelf life and disintegration of meat in cooking due to release of plenty of water. I got inspired by the name "fish butterfly" for "fish battered-fry" during this Durga puja while I was buying the famous "Fish Butter Fry" from "Benfish" (a mobile fish eatery) a small group were crowded near the van, were calling it as "fish butterfly". I actu…