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Shiuli Pata Fry - White Jasmine Leave

Shiuli Pata Bhaja - White Jasmine Leave Fry
Shiuli pata or prajakta leaves fry Ingredients for Shiuli pata bhaja recipe Shiuli pata (শিউলি পাতা) whole about 2 to 3 per head
For the binder:
Rice flour, 2 tbsp Flour, 1 tbspSalt, 1 tspSugar to balance the taste, 1/4 tspMustard oil, 1 tbsp
Method:Take some green clean leaves. Wash the leaves gently and drain thoroughly.Mix the binder with just enough water.Put the whole leaf in to the binder mix and make a fold.Put a flat tawa or nonstick fry pan on medium heat for shallow fry. Wet your fingers with water. Take leaves one by one with very little binder. It will just be enough to stick to the leaves.Now shallow fry with 1 tbsp oil in the batches. Do not turn the leaf until it is done on one side, it can easily be moved with simple turn. Let it be fried for a few minutes on the other side.The leaves and the binder will become crunchy, slight black and green in color.Repeat the process from step 5 to 8 until done completelyServe with white ste…

Water lily fritters - shapla miniature raft

Water lily fritters - shapla miniature raft recipe Shaplar Velaa - Water lily raft recipe By , published by Prasadam: September 7, 2014The iron rich Bangladeshi national flower Shapla  [ শাপলা ] the white water lily is easily available in the local market during the monsoons. Hence banana trunk rafts [ kolar velaa - কলার ভেলা ] are made to save the flooded people still now likewise in the earlier days. This shaplar velaa [ শাপলার ভেলা ] , a fritter recipe is a very old one created in one of the very Bengali kitchens by some unknown artist. I present:

5 stars based on 45 reviews Prep time: 30 min | Cook time: 20 minutes | Total time: 50 min | Yield: 20 fritters Serving size: 4 to 5 fritters | Calories per serving: ---Ingredients: White water lily stems approximately 1 feet length: 5, All-purpose flour: 1 cups Rice flour: 1/2 cup Baking soda: 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric and chili powder: 1 tsp each Salt: as p…

Coriander leave fritters

Coriander leaves fritter - Dhone patar bora

Dhone patar bora - Coriander leaves fry
Freshly cut coriander leaves are one of the most popular and widely used garnish in Indian recipes. Coriander leaves not only gives flavor and beautify the dishes, but also neutralize gastric acidity. One simple, but most interesting coriander leaf recipe is Bengali dhone pata bata (coriander leaf paste). A simple paste with chili and salt tempering with kalo jeera seeds (kalonji) and one green chili. A full course meal may be supplemented with this one food item.  This recipe Coriander Fritters (ধনে পাতার বড়া) is a Bengali dish that used to serve as a companion with the dish called Daal (ডাল). It is so tasty that we tend to finish it as an appetizer.

Contributed by Barnali Dutta and the Indian food cooking inspiration.
Published: December 11, 2013

Coriander leaves with stem, cut about 2 inch in size: 2 bunchesGreen chili, : 2R…

Paat Pata Bhaja - Jute Leaves

Paat Pata Bhaja - Jute Leaves

Paat/Nalte pata (Jute Leaves) by Barnali Dutta dated 01/08/2014 A very popular bitter taste Indian recipe.

Botanical Name: Corchorus capsularis L. and C. olitorius L. Family: Tiliaceae.
"Jute leaves(পাট পাতা)" PAAT/JUTE TREE named as Jute mallow is a very nutritious leafy vegetable, rich in iron, protein, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and natural dietary fiber. It has a long history and a variety of names. First cultivated in Egypt. Mulukhiyyah is an Egyptian national dish which is widely popular now in Lebanon and various countries of today’s African continent, Arabian countries, and in Philippines It is also called Saluyot. Each region has its own version. Japan has been importing dry jute leaf from Africa and they are using it as the substitute for coffee and tea. In Europe, jute leaves are being used as soup . It is rather bitter and when boiled the resulting liquid is a thick one, the texture becomes similar to okra thus prompti…

Flower and Leafy Green Fritters

Fritters Bok Phul bora / Fritters BOK PHUL BORA OR FRITTERS Contributed by Barnali Dutta and the Indian food cooking inspiration. Published 27. Nov 2013

IngredientsBok Phul 6 flowersCoarse-grained rice flour and chickpea flour (besan)  50g each for thick batterTurmeric and red chili powder, 1 tspSalt and Sugar to tasteBaking Soda, 1 pinchWater for batterMustard oil for deep frying
Seasonal Choice:
You can make this recipe with "pumpkin flower" (কুমড়ো - kumro phul) and also with plantain flower (মোচা - mocha).

This bor or bora or bhaja, is enjoyed as a side dish or a starter in Bengal, Assam and Orissa.

Bok phul (sanksrit - Vaka or Bok)- the white flowers of S. grandiflora resembles little birds slightly bitter in taste.  The white flowers, young leaves and tender pods of Agasti are edible and have culinary uses as a vegetable or to supplement meal in India and Southeast Asia. Flowers are an excellent source of calcium, fair source of iron and very good source of vitamin …