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Poppy Pops - Narkel Posto Bora

Poppy Pops - Narkel Posto Bora Coconut, poppy and sesame seeds pop - Bengali finger foodAny other dishes if Bengali people be asked of he or she likes it or not, has tasted it or not, or just heard of it or not, one can expect diverse answers but "Narkel Posto Bora" is one of those recipes, which a Bengali can never be unaware of. The answer is a unanimous "Yes". The desire is nostalgic for every one and that is "mayer hater posto bora and musur dal" [Poppy fritter and dal cooked by mother]. Global Bengalis may be more into international fusion food, but for posto bora they will prefer the recipe to be the traditional and original one. The signature one. By , published by Prasadam: February 7, 2015 Prep time: 10 min | Cook time: 10 min | Total time: 20 min
Yield: 15 pcs | Serving size: 4 pcs | Calories per serving: 75 | 5 stars based on 11 reviews Ingredients: Poppy seeds paste: 2 tbsp, Shredded coconut…

Kachki Machher Sonajhuri R BatiCharchari

Kachki fish goldenfry and steamed fish baticharchari
Kachki fish goldenfry and steamed fish By Barnali Dutta Published: February 21, 2014The Kachki fish [কাচকি মাছ Spice C. soborna] common name in English "Ganges river sprat" local name in Bangladesh "Kachki, Guramach and Taki". With the same ingredients only different technique and minimum cooking you can get two very different recipes and unbelievably tasty. Now In India, in the state West Bengal You can find the Bengali hindu people easily dividing themselves into two codes, neither caste nor prosperity their identity belongs to East and West Bengal known as Bangal [বাঙাল] and ghoti [ঘটি or এদেশী]. Pre-independence who were rooted to the west part of the country Bangladesh (now in India as West Bengal) is popularly known as ghoti. Bangal people are who lived in the eastern part of the Bangladesh, but migrated after partition of the country to the west with the willingness to live…

Bengali Fries - Bhaja Bhuji

SpiceBhaja BhujiBy Barnali DuttaPublished 12/16/2013
Some Bengali vegetable fries related to ritual and faith. The Bengali’s obsession with bhog offer to the Goddess (Devi Durga, Lakshmi, Sarwasati ...) is remarkable. Apart from fruits and sweets most homes or pandals prepare anna-bhog, which usually consists of Khichuri ( an item consisting of gobindobhog rice and yellow moong dal) with a collection of different kind of vegetables (usually five in number), which is considered to be a good omen.

In Ai buro bhaat (pre-marriage feast) and in Shaadh (desire) - a ritual similar to a ‘baby shower’ which is not particularly a religious practice but is a part of the traditional Bengali culture. 'last meal' that is eaten by the bride/groom before the marriage and the meal served to an expecting mother consists of different types of traditional dishes, in which Dal or lentil is served with five kinds of bhaja or fried vegetables (potato, aubergine, bitter gourd, parwal, pumpkin – ritu…

Fries and Fritters

Basic Bengali cooking culture has now truly subsided as a spiritual exercise or custom while celebrating special occasions with collective interests for shabeki ranna - সাবেকি রান্না (cooking food following traditions with authenticity) I have sought to move beyond the notion of tradition as now a day the tradition needs to be understood as a cultural practice connected with the culturally diversified locality as well as modernity. Every second door where I live in Kolkata has a family either immigrant from the same cultural environment, recognized as ghoti - ঘটি or bangal - বাঙ্গাল (after partition) though now mixed and matched with the identity or sharing the neighborhood with the intercountry migrated deep-rooted different cultural peoples of India. So availability of food also diversified and compromised because of the market economy. So called Bangals (বাঙ্গাল) of West Bengal who left a riverine country now "Bangladesh" wi…