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Bengali Traditional Sookhi Dal for Ranna Puja

Arandhan cooking Festival- Dal Chorchori Sookhi Dal Arandhan cooking Festival- Dal Chorchori Sookhi Dal By published by Prasadam: September 14, 2014When we set out to gather information about the daily diets and cooking methods of any miscellaneous tribe we develop a certain feeling of superiority within ourselves. This complex results in creation of variations in the methods that are indigenous to that particular tribe. Unless we dispose off such feelings completely no traditional cooking process can be recorded in a proper manner. The culinary knowledge that we already possess [which is usually more complicated] overpowers the innocence of the traditional recipe.

It is also noticeable that this "higher class" culinary knowledge introduces a type of inferiority complex among the masses that tries to overcome it by attempting to use some of this knowledge in the traditional recipe and thus slowing down the recording of the authentic traditional recipes. I…

The Smiling Sun

Bitter and sour lentil soup - tok dal tetor dal
Traditional starter |  Fry n Fritters  | Legumes | Rice | Meat |  Fish | Sour | Sweet | TeaBitter gourd Lentil - Tetor Dal Lentil soup - Tetor dal
By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-05-25
Food can withstand all of the seasonal impacts on human body and Bengali food habit follows that rule from the early Vedic ages. Regular Bengali food can keep your doctor away in all seasons and may be the living habit of a Bengali with all sweet, bitter and sour interferences in their life by their neighborhood, friends, relatives, and well wishers is the basic mantra of livelihood, staying close to each other and staying out of mental stress!! So you can say all natural stress buster is present in a Bengalis life.The bitter gourd lentil is a dish which will never be so bitter that you would like to skip the dish. Today, the utility of natural green bitter vegetables …

Creamy Lentil Sauce

Creamy lentil sauce with coconut chipsCreamy Lentil Sauce This fresh aGram lentil with coconut chips - Narkel diye cholar dal recipeThis fresh and yellow lentil gravy with coconut chips is a significant Bengali dish, which can be served as an accompanier with rice or flat bread, luchi or puri as well as in all food course from breakfast to dinner from snacks to main course. It is amazingly tasty dish.I prefer unpolished locally produced grains rather than polished imported grains because imported grains contain harmful preservatives or additives and the quality of the ingredients after purification may have chemical residue.

One more thing about the Bengali cooking technique, Bengalis would prefer to add whole bowl of cooked lentil into the tempering pan called sombar সম্বরা the Condiment or ফোড়ন [phoron], slightly different from the other Indian provinces named as chaunk or তড়কা [tarka], বাগার [bagar] or Thaalithal , where tempering or seasoning are being fried in the …

Beat the heat with Mango

Sour legume - tok dal
Sour legume with mango buds [আমের কুশি টক ডাল]By Barnali Dutta Published 03/28/2014The mango tree is considered sacred both by the Hindus and the Buddhists. Also it is denoted as the favorite food of the God in "The Art of Cookery" What Lord of old wou'd bid his Cook prepare,
Mangoes, Potargo, Champignons, Cavare? Hindus use its twigs as tooth brushes and its leaves as spoons for libations. Applying ashes of the burnt dry leaves of Mango mixed with little mustard oil and salt as tooth paste makes the gums and teeth strong and shining. Taking Mango and milk regularly decreases anaemia, constipation, indigestion, and physical and mental weakness. That indigenous knowledge may be seeped into as a ritual to bring the benefits of helping the races as a belief that the mango tree puts forth fresh green leaves at the birth of a son. The plant being considered auspicious, its leaves are also hung over the doorways of a house where marri…