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Lebu Bhaat and Topshe Machh Bhaja

Bengali Lemon rice and Topse fish fry
Lemon flavored rice with ghee and scrapped coconut served with
Topshe fish fry
It is to no wonder a poet like "Iswar Gupta" composed a lengthy poem solely on "Tapse fish or "Mango fish" by the British. Iswar Gupta was highly addicted to the Topse fish.
Ishwar Gupter Granthabali - Vol.1-2 pg. 122Topse a soft-bone fish, close to extinct, now in 2014 is Rs 700 a kilo [about 15 fishes]. I heard from my father it was available in the 1950s approximate half a rupee per 20 pieces.  Still Bangalees love it very much.Legendary director and renowned writer Satyajit Ray wrote a total of 35 Feluda [detective] stories.  The detective Pradosh Mitter's favorite cousin-cum-assistant Topse [Topeshranjan Mitter] is to Feluda as was Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes and the narrator in all the stories. I doubt if the name Topse came to his mind from the intense love for "Topse fish" he had. Oh Bengali, come, let us find some s…