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A Bengali Cultural Dinner Extravaganza - ABCDE

A Bengali Cultural Dinner ExtravaganzaPrawn Polao - traditional Indian recipeThese recipes can make a perfect feast. The prawn polao with creamy lentil sauce, steamed lemon bekti, nutty stuffed parwal and mango raita. These easy dinner recipes will help you to spread a traditional Indian platter on the table for any occasion. Published by Barnali Dutta May 1, 2014, Cultural dinner - A virtual treatEven simple rice can be transformed into a dish fit for a King's palate by once culinary skills, polao or pilaf is an example of it.To make polao one has to buy old and fine long grain rice (basmati rice or chamarmani rice) while making the polao one has to be careful so that the rice does not get over boiled and freed from moisture. To attain the maximum moisture free texture of the polao there are some tricks.* One hour prior to cooking one has to prepare the rice synchronously along with the preparations for the rest of the cooking course. One has to wash briefl…