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Mango Mantra

আমমাম্রফলং পিষ্টং রাজিকালবণান্বিতম
ভৃষ্টহিঙ্গুযুতং পুতং ঘোলিতং জালিরুচ্যতে
Dry roast asafoetida gum, make powder of it, wash and peel raw mango, put in a bowl of fresh water to remove the tannin. Grind the raw mangoes, mustard seeds, asafoetida, and salt, mix with plain water to make whey from it. Strain and store in a glass or stone jar. It is called "jali." It is used traditionally as a home remedy to improve voice quality, itchy tongue, loss of appetite or food apathy. Mango Pickle - Aamer Acchar MorobbaBy Barnali Dutta Published: June 21, 2015 Pickles made by traditional methods contain Lactobacillus produced by fermentation in brine [salt and water], though pickles made using vinegar are free from it. Lactobacillus bacteria make traditional pickles probiotic. Among other pickles mango pickle is the Most Preferred Pickle in whole of India. The choice, the availability, thousands of traditional recipes in every region, and the expertise skills of the masses create a d…

Kuler Aachar

It always make my kids giggle whenever all of my examples end with food related subject, whatever may be the topic. While teaching chemistry, it happened to be ending with the basics of food and actually may be they are right. I was always oriented towards food from my childhood. My knowledge of atlas is regarding ingredients, spices, techniques of cooking etc and everything is food-centered. I know the people by what they eat, how they eat and most importantly what they love to eat. Surprisingly, today my reading habit is also growing towards food only, "mind blocking :-D !!" Anyways, I remember my childhood days when we did not have options to stay connected with friend and families digitally, we used to spend our leisure time playing various indoor and outdoor games and hunting treasures from libraries.  Our best holiday after annual examination was in the winter. I love to recall how I used to spare my times reading adventures or science fictions and also…