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Love Bite - Chiffon Cake

Love Bite - Chiffon Cake, muffin recipe Cup cake recipe
By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-06-06

Chiffon cakes are more tender than the other cakes because of the milk and oil, though without cream layer in it, it would not make the tongue dry of the kids after eating.

My son used to love those small commercial tiffin cakes which his friends often brought when they were all in kindergarten. My son always requested for those cakes, but me as a mother being concerned about giving artificial food color and plastic packaging to a 2 yr old and therefore I used to make those cakes by myself. Now on his 21st birthday, my son wishes to have those tiffin cakes to cherish his kindergarten days again.  How he used to hold it in both of his hands and bite it which all his friends would stare at, forgetting their own tiffin. :-) He still remembers a faint smell when he recalls the days like as usual everybody feels about those golden days.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes | Cook time: 15 minutes | Tot…

My cup of Tea

my cup of tea Green tea with Basil leaves, Honey and Lemon
By Barnali DuttaPublished: 2014-06-04
At the end of my day, I always prefer Green Tea, honey and lemon with homemade snacks. I do not like the taste of the green tea, so I always prefer to take tasty Indian snacks along with it, which can easily balance my taste buds thinking in mind that my tea would balance my bad cholesterol level with the goodness of green tea. The aroma of jasmine garland and burning aromatic sandalwood incense, the soft light of aromatic candle in my room, I am relaxing and meditating as Bengali people do during evening puja, [Shondhhe prodip whilethe women light the oil lamps under tulsi tree and sound their conchs and take basil leaves along with offering sugar candy 'tulsi-misri'], but in a non-ritualistic way.

Beverages cover a wide range of hot and cold drinks. The nutritive value depends upon the beverage what is added in serving and the ingredients used in the preparation. Hot beverages …

Dhokla Recipe Round-Up

traditional dhokla recipeDhokla recipe A traditional cooking round-up. This is a great snack when you prefer to eat light. This time, I feel a bit overwhelmed when I find in myself a greater Indian. The recipe is from west India - Rajasthan, cooking style from south - Tamilnadu and cooked in a Bengali kitchen of Kolkata - eastern India. Fine Indian food round-up. By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-05-30
Round cut dhokla – a traditional Indian recipe Preparation Time: 10 hours | Cook Time: 30 minutes | Total time: 10 hours 30 minutes Yield Serves 3Ingredients: 1 cup gram flour.
Semolina or suji 2 tablespoon.
1/2 cup sour yogurt,
1 and half cup hot water,
1 lemon,
1/4 cup sunflower oil,
Turmeric 1 teaspoon,
Ginger and green chili paste 2 teaspoon,
Salt 2 teaspoon,
Sugar 2 teaspoon,
Sodium bicarbonate half teaspoon toasted and one teaspoon raw,
Fruit salt or ENO, 1 teaspoon,

For tempering Black mustered seeds, 1 teaspoon,
Shredded coconut, 3 teaspoon,

Chaitra Sankranti

Chaitra sankrantiMung dal makha prasad - Fruity and Nutty Yellow Lentil
Food has great importance for Vedic Indians. All who live on this earth have to subsist on food called panacea. One is advised to worship food for it enables a man to use all his faculties. They wanted to maintain a harmonious balance between the different aspects of life. It was this outlook on life which made them attach considerable importance to the matter of food. These sages believed that the health of a man depended considerably on the type of seasonal food he takes. With that aim different food preparations were prescribed in different seasons by different puja rituals. These preparations of yellow lentil and seasonal fruits and jawb or barley sattu was always made and served as a offering of Neel Shasthi Puja and Charak puja on Chaitra Sankranti the day before Pahela Baishakh festival.


Yellow mung [mudga] lentil: Washed and s…

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

Palm Toddy Kernel and Green Coconut Summer CoolerPalm Toddy Kernel and Green Coconut Summer Cooler Toddy Palm Sweep Sap Mocktail
By Barnali Dutta Published: 2014-04-04

I got the opportunity to share a very special coolified summer drink with everyone. We have great addictions for toddy palm. Let's start from the beginning. The palm seedlings or tal phopra, during autumnal Lakshmi puja is a must item to offer. Tal shash or jelly like sweet sap kernel of the Palmyra tree, sweet, clear, colorless toddy-juice and jaggery, and from the juicy mature palm, the yellow thick pulp. One will need a great effort to extract the pulp from the mature fibourous palm seeds, still we are fond of it, and last but not the least the tal misri, crystallized palm sugar lumps. I used palm sweet sap kernel and the tal misri for this indigenous drink, which we have during every summer from my childhood days.

Prep time: 6 hours | Cook time: 5 m…