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Flattened Rice Dumpling, a sweet transformation

Flattened Rice Dumpling, a sweet transformation Kamini Bhog Chirer PuliKamini bhog rice is the medium grain glutinoussundried [Atap] rice. Due to the special aroma of Kamini bhog atap, the rice flakes [chira] of this rice is highly favourful and after cooking the grains remained moist, tender and produce one very aromatic dish. Rice flakes are prepared from the kamini bhog paddy therefore is extensively used in all rituals all over Bengal, semi-urban and even urban areas throughout the year. The preparations made from it are not only easy to make but they can be made in a short notice as well. It can be fried with spices and chillies to make into a hot and tasty food item or can be taken as a nutritious drink by mixing it in milk and curd. Since it is made from paddy, it is easily digestible. In some recipes it is used to increase the aroma of the traditional Bengali curries and also the gravies are thickened with the help of it.

The process of extracting the rice flakes i…

Community Food Festival of Bengal - Pitha Parbon

Community Food Festival of Bengal - Sweet Chitoi Pitha dipped in Nalen Jaggery Praises of Bangladesh's Pitha can be heard worldwide. The demand, pride, and elegance of this sweet delicacy Pitha or 'Pithe' is at its prime in the winter season. Rice from the newest grains and the beckoning smell of the freshly prepared jaggery lures our tongue into a watery frenzy. The festival of 'pitha' commences parallely in West Bengal too during this time. Even though there can be no alternate of a Bangladeshi pitha, West Bengal is not that behind, especially in the rural area. Widespread popularity of varieties of pitha can be noticed presently in this part of Bengal too.

Not only in the occasions of the winters, recently this piece of delicacy has been the star preparation for any occasion. The winter is looked upon as the ideal season for its preparation since the onset of Nabanna aromatic Atap Rice and the best quality jaggery all come together to form the best pitha. In Ban…

Til ke Thal - Sesame Chikki

Til takti - sesame sweet Til takti - Sesame Saucer By , published by Prasadam: October 20, 2014If you want to cook like an expert you need not make your recipe unnecessarily complicated for any dish. Any recipe justfollowing the basics intelligently can yield the best results every time. In Bengali there is a proverb 'তিল কে তাল করা' [til ke taal kora] meaning to blow up a tiny sesame seed into a large palmyra fruit  or to blow things out of proportion, to grossly exaggerate like 'making an elephant out of the mosquito'. One can see here how Til [sesame] became a Thal [dish or Saucer] This is a sesame seed candy comparable with Pasteli of Greece, one of the most common traditional Bengali confection, which every Bengali wherever he or she hails from must have tried in the lifetime due to natural attraction.

Prep time: 5 min | Cook time: 20 minutes | Total time: 25 min | Yield: 3
Serving size: 4 to 5 pcs | Calories per serving: 125Ingr…

Bengali sweet Gujiya recipe - Diwali preparation

Bengali sweet Gujiya recipe - Diwali prepration Gujiya - a forgotten sweet of Bengal By , published by Prasadam: October 17, 2014The favourite sweet-meat market of the Bengalis that of the Sandesh is presently on the incline, though the size of the item has reduced considerably and prices rocketed, the quality is still a matter of high priority at the few famed sweet-meat vendors of the culture. The reduced availability and unfair prices of full cream milk Chhana [like ricotta cheese] at present is the main reason behind the current situation of this market. Even if correctly prepared chhana for perfect sandesh is available, its price is that of the kings. Hence it is natural that the price of the Sandesh has increased exponentially or as much. The Sandesh which was once the traditional ceremonial sweet offerings for the gods is now on the verse of extinction from being one and is restricted to just a mere trophy of our culture and this is due to the steep rise in pri…

Bengali Sweet Narkel Naru - A traditional recipe

Bengali sweet Narkel naru traditional recipe Bengali dry sweets Narkel Naru recipe By , published by Prasadam: September 7, 2014This is the most demandable sweet of most Bengalees, which one can never get in any sweet shop but only in some small native shops or 'dashakarma bhandar - দশকর্মা ভান্ডার' in Kolkata, but Bengalees feel more eagerness in having homemade narus rather than those readymade coconut balls. Actually it is a perfect gift for your loving and caring ones. Qualifies for the must have ingredients in the lakshmi puja prasad. Needs some strenuous attempt and courage to make, and I think that once in a year when we are ready to beat cakes in the winter why not scrap coconut in the autumn. Here goes an authentic recipe for a traditional sweet. Let them praise and enjoy your love.

5 stars based on 40 reviews Prep time: 20 minutes | Cook time: 30 minutes | Total time: 45 min | Yield: Approx 30 balls Serving size: 5 balls | Calori…