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Taro chips - Food craft

The ideas of Class, culture or custom differences were always a vague issue in our family ethics. My parents say intelligent ordinary working people do not require those things to attain respect or greatness. Always remember we earn money with effort, but respect requires hardship and intelligence requires constant alertness. So, the food habits of our family encompass many things which are known as antireligious ethics or poor men's domain. This recipe, my grandmother had learned from their farm servants, locally called Munish, and always catered it happily to the family demands. Like this recipe there are numerous other astonishing recipes. I was wondering if I could retrieve all the same.It is not popular because the food part contains calcium oxalate crystals and that must be removed during cooking. The plant is inedible when raw and considered toxic due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals, typically as raphides. There are many ways to cook taro to avoid the…

Nutty fatty stuffed parwal

Nutty fatty stuffed parwal dolma recipePatoler DolmaIn International cuisine stuffed vegetables Dolma named as "dolmades" or "yemista", which is a part of the Greek cuisine, in Polish "golabki", in Romania "sarma", in Sweden "kaldolmar", and Egyptian dolma is called "Mahshi Wara." Published by Barnali Dutta May 6, 2014 "Tidy hidy parwal purse"Whatever the recipe variant we could try for Indian "Dolma" or "bharwa" or "Bharela", there are two main categories of Bengali Dolma, one those filled with a minced meat kyma or fish mixture and other one those filled without meat, a veg mixture like nuts and spices, rice also can be added like Filfil Mahshi a Tunisian cuisine dish in which a stuffed vegetable dishes that consists of stuffed peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, cabbage, and lettuce etc. The word Mahshi itself means stuffed as Dolma and is generally followed or pre…