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Edible Blackberry Malabar Spinach Fruits Mishmash

Prawn pui metuli ghonto - Edible blackberry malabar spinach fruit mishmashPrawn pui metuli malabar spinach fruit ghonto By , published by Prasadam: December 11, 2014Prep time: 00:10 | Cook time: 00:15 | Total time: 00:20 | Yield: 3 servings

Noticing my mom’s joyous spark in her eyes, while seeing the fruits of pui, I embraced her fondly and she encouraged me to cook the "chingri pui metuli with sweet pumpkin",the edible black berry mishmash ghonto. My mother recalled the varieties of shak or leafy vegetables once widely available in the locality. The most favorite shak or herbs included Kalmee, Kochu pata, Nona, Bathua, Dheki, Gima..., no less than forty different varieties are eaten and now because of less availability of leafy vegetables people are forced to buy less and consequently follow only experimentally proven best recipes among the thousands of great recipes.
While seeing the basket full of ripened seeds of “pui metuli” my mom recalled chi…

Fruitful Orange Cauliflower

Kamala Kopi - Fruitful Orange CauliflowerKamala Kopi - Orange Cauliflower
Winter means to us 'the Kolkatians' of "The City of Joy"as the season of Gali Cricket matches [the lane crickets of India] and Badminton and Volleyball till late night, Picnics in the suburbs, Film festivals at Nandan and Gorky Sadan, Dover Lane Music Conference, Russian Ballet 'Swan Lake', 'Gemini Circus' at Park Circus, P C Sorcar 'Magic shows', 'Yova Utsav' at Netaji Indoor, Theater at Academy of Fine Arts, Book fair and Exhibitions of the Maidan, the late night classic movies on DD channel and on Sunday afternoon the best Indian movies of all states and enjoying Arthur Conan Doyle detective stories under the blanket before sleeping. Also what definitely comes in mind with the onset of winter are the various food fairs comprising of Oranges and Cauliflowers held at home almost everyday. Thoughts of Flury's cake on Christmas Days and also Hot patties from…

Steamed Sheem - dELICIOUS LabLab Linn

Simple flat bean dish in little to no time Simple flat bean dish in little to no time
Shim or Sheem is commonly known as string beans as they enclose a tough fiber running along the seam from one end to the other of the flattened pods. Therefore, it is also called flat beans. The mature velvety sheem has a sweet crunchy taste with an excellent texture.

Apart from mung daal or black gram, toor daal or pigeon peas, and bengal gram or cholar daal, the Big Four of pulses that are commonly used all over India, red lentil or masoor, cow peas, horse gram, lablab bean, there are several others that are also very popular. Like most members of the family these pulses are excellent sources of protein, B vitamins like thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3, pantothenic acid B5, and folate folic acid/vitamin B9 as well as several dietary minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sulphur.
"Sorshe Posto Sheem - dELICIOUS LabLab Linn"
By Barnali Dutta
Published 11/18/2…

Community Feast on Durga Puja

Aloor Dum Bhog recipe for Shasthi Aloor Dum Bhog recipe for Shasthi By , published by Prasadam: September 28, 2014In spite of all the modernization of Bengali recipes there is a continuity of cooking traditional dishes on festival days following correct cooking procedures of traditional recipes which are marked as puja bhog satvik food. First the procedure is to choose the ingredients. We prefer no onion, garlic or meat. And secondly its to decide the gathering and offering, something for correct cultural fiesta. Even today when I was cooking all these recipes though not for puja bhog but I was following my mother's instructions that what she was recalling from the very far of her childhood and it gave the exact taste and aroma which was evident from the joy she expressed while eating. Today's recipe is for shasthi puja day. Bhuni khichuri with aloor dum and tomato amsatto chutney. We all were left speechless!!

5 stars based on 75 reviews Prep time: 1 hour…

Chhachra - a tasty vegetable peel recipe

Chhachra - a tasty vegetable peel recipeThe Cheat in the retreatChhenchra is a term associated with cheating or swindling, knavish, one who is unwilling to repay debts, a cheat, a swindler, a knave, a bad paymaster. This particular dish you may call will cheat you as a very expensive one and it may appear to be a very difficult recipe that cannot be easily afforded. But this is a dry dish which can be cooked with discarded vegetable skins from other dishes and fish bones cooked in a little oil. It is a most admirable bhog of Durga puja in the autumn.
By , published by Prasadam: September 19, 2014
Chhachra [ছ্যাঁচড়া]is a very simple item, having lots of vegetables and also their peels.You will need vegetable skins thickly cut along with a fair amount of the flesh.It is a favourite Bengali dish. It consists of peels, skin, stems of thrown away or left over vegetable ingredients, such as peel of green gourd, potato skin, thick slices of potato, brinjal, local flat beans, l…