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Teto (bitter by taste)

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Teto - Utterly Bitterly Healthy by tradition

Starter in Bengali menu seems some dishes that tastes bitter at first, but like a tongue palate cleanser towards more flavors to excite the taste buds. In Bengali if someone needs to describe others facial expression or attitude as bleak or sullen and/or explain own gloomy mood or feeling, they relate to the facial expression that occurs while drinking quinine or chirata water. Any bitter relationship is explained in Bengali by "as bitter (সম্পর্কের তিক্ততা) as chirata."
Written by: Barnali Dutta Date published: 05/15/2013

Traditional Bengali Starter

Traditional Bengali Starter

The principle behind the beginning of daytime meal with bitter things first as defined by Maharshi Charak, Maharshi Sushruta, Maharshi Dhanwantari, and Jeevaka in Ayurvedic Rasayanas, bengalees are following those ritually as "totka" (an empiric therapy) in every household. You can hear all the time "khete hoy ma or khete hoy baba" saying, "You should eat O my daughter/my son", which Ancient Indian Science of Ayurveda ascribed as a cooling agent that was socially acquired throughout the region of Anga, Banga, and Kalinga (now Bengal, Orissa, and Assam) to protect themselves from frequent changes in climatic conditions.

Ideal Bengali starter mainly is the mixed vegetables curry called Shukto , Neem Begun, Paat/Nalte pata, Palta pata, Helencha হেলঞ্চ শাক Hincha Shaak, and Sojne phul bhaja and paturi etc. Loading...

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Byanjon Podaboli - Bengali Dining Course

Byanjon Podaboli - Bengali dining course Bangla Rannar Pala O Parbon - Popular Kolkata Cuisine and Authentic Bengali Recipes

This site is about Indian food and authentic Bengali recipes and some simple ideas on how one can convert a traditional recipe to an exotic modern presentation, a thoughtful discussion about food history in relation to Ayurveda, culture and food science, the Vedic sutras and folklore, which ascribed why we should eat seasonally and stay fit with healthy food. Seasonal foods like vegetable, fruit, and fish are cost effective and consumers demand of foods are always reflecting crop production and market economy, which can save the food biodiversity and extinct species of flora and fauna.

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