Traditional Bengali Starter

Traditional Bengali Starter

The principle behind the beginning of daytime meal with bitter things first as defined by Maharshi Charak, Maharshi Sushruta, Maharshi Dhanwantari, and Jeevaka in Ayurvedic Rasayanas, bengalees are following those ritually as "totka" (an empiric therapy) in every household. You can hear all the time "khete hoy ma or khete hoy baba" saying, "You should eat O my daughter/my son", which Ancient Indian Science of Ayurveda ascribed as a cooling agent that was socially acquired throughout the region of Anga, Banga, and Kalinga (now Bengal, Orissa, and Assam) to protect themselves from frequent changes in climatic conditions.

Ideal Bengali starter mainly is the mixed vegetables curry called Shukto , Neem Begun, Paat/Nalte pata, Palta pata, Helencha হেলঞ্চ শাক Hincha Shaak, and Sojne phul bhaja and paturi etc.

Published by: "Bangla Rannar Pala O Parbon" Date published: 05/15/2013

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