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Fish Stew - Macher Jhol

Fish Stew - Macher JholFish Stew - ROHIT or KATLA FISH FISH STEW - Kata Pona macher jhol (gravy) Ingredients Rui or Katla fish 500g, seasoned with turmeric and salt. Potato and Carrot, diced, 100g Shallot, 50g Ginger paste, 1 tsp Bay leaves, 2 Peppercorn, 1/2 tsp Cumin and turmeric paste, 2 tsp Salt and silted green chili as required. Sunflower oil, 2 tbs Hot water 1 cup

This recipe is a simple authentic Bengali fish dish for a daily meal, simple but delicious - barir khabar. This fish Stew is a dish best served hot with plain hot rice or flat bread.

Contributed by Barnali Dutta and the Indian food cooking inspiration.
Published 27. Nov 2013

Instructions Fry the fish, do not fry long, keep aside. Now again add bay leaves and peppercorn in that hot pan, add all the vegetables, do not fry much, add ginger paste and masala paste, stir a little, add salt. After a few minutes add fish and pour hot water, let it cook on high fla…

Fries and Fritters

Basic Bengali cooking culture has now truly subsided as a spiritual exercise or custom while celebrating special occasions with collective interests for shabeki ranna - সাবেকি রান্না (cooking food following traditions with authenticity) I have sought to move beyond the notion of tradition as now a day the tradition needs to be understood as a cultural practice connected with the culturally diversified locality as well as modernity. Every second door where I live in Kolkata has a family either immigrant from the same cultural environment, recognized as ghoti - ঘটি or bangal - বাঙ্গাল (after partition) though now mixed and matched with the identity or sharing the neighborhood with the intercountry migrated deep-rooted different cultural peoples of India. So availability of food also diversified and compromised because of the market economy. So called Bangals (বাঙ্গাল) of West Bengal who left a riverine country now "Bangladesh" wi…

Cuisine through the ages

Starter DILL LEAF (Solpo shak সলপো শাক) By Barnali Dutta
Published 11/20/2013

Bataa and Bharta - Craving Dish

Bangladesh recipe Mushur Dal Bharta RecipeBy Barnali Dutta
Published 11/16/2013
Signature dish of absolutely novice cook - wholesome, nutritious, and super tasty dish. Some of these dishes are good companion with hot rice and some with leftover or soaked rice, like one of these one pot meal dishes can make you satisfied and comfortable anytime anywhere, feeding the indigenous way.