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Dodhikarma - Traditional Breakfast Cereal

Sweet Poha Polao for Saraswati Puja Dodhikarma - Yammm By , published by Prasadam: January 29, 2015Saraswati puja is never complete without the traditional helping of the special sweet mixture offering known as Dodhikarma that is offered to the Goddess in the morning on the day of immersion. The ingredients which comprises of sweet curd, popped rice, dairy sweets and ripe banana are offered while the priest performs the rituals of worship afterwords these ingredients are mixed together to prepare the delicious 'Dodhikarma', which is then offered as Prasad of the puja.

In Bengal Saraswati puja is the occasion of the youngsters or the students. It is the occasion where we are first tested of our event management skills, where we first get to communicate our ideas and express ourselves to the society. From the age of 14 till 24 and perhaps even longer for energetic social networkers, the call of the cuckkoo that marks the start of the puja day till the cold …

Rice Flakes Prasadam - Sweet Poha Polao

Sweet Poha Polao for Saraswati Puja Sweet Poha Polao for Saraswati Puja By , published by Prasadam: January 25, 2015Rice flakes sweet polao is very easy to make. This tasty bhog recipe can be made in a jiffy and leaves us relaxed on Basanta Panchami Saraswati puja day and always makes an ever lasting impression in whom you offer. If you want to spread your love among those chirping sparrows [friends of my kids] during their short visits on Saraswati puja day who are always in a hurry this on should blow them off their feet in a storm of flavours.4.5 stars based on 12 reviews | Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 20 minutes | Total time: 30 min Yield: 10 | Serving size: 1 tbsp | Calories per serving: 200Ingredients: Rice flakes 500gGreen Peas 100gTiny cubed potato fries 100gRaisin 50gSalted peanuts 50gBay leaves 4Dried red chili 4Minced ginger and green chili 2 tspGrated Khoa kheer 2 tspSugar and Salt to tasteTurmericCracked whole spices cardam…

Take a Crunchy Yam Bean Break

Crunchy Yam Bean Shankalu SnacksThis perennial, but annual winter crop of Bengal is known as kesaru or miskri kand in Bihar. It is commonly called ‘Shankalu’ or “Sankesh alu” in West Bengal, Assam and Orissa. Shankh, which means conch, and alu meaning potato refers to its pearly white flesh, which is offered during Saraswati Puja in late January. "Goddess Saraswati in white identified as the symbol of purity” used to offer white sweets, bananas and shankalu."One who do not know the taste and the name of Shankhalu or Mexican Turnip or Jicama or even the name Yam Bean they will interestingly guess it as asian pears for its fresh, sweet and crunchiness or as water chest nuts because the similarity of its white and woody texture. It is a root vegetable like potato though not so starchy and it is juicier. This refreshing, crispy, ice-white, fruit-like root can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of sweet as well as savory dishes worldwide. Yam bean is a native of Mexico and Cent…

Community Food Festival of Bengal - Pitha Parbon

Community Food Festival of Bengal - Sweet Chitoi Pitha dipped in Nalen Jaggery Praises of Bangladesh's Pitha can be heard worldwide. The demand, pride, and elegance of this sweet delicacy Pitha or 'Pithe' is at its prime in the winter season. Rice from the newest grains and the beckoning smell of the freshly prepared jaggery lures our tongue into a watery frenzy. The festival of 'pitha' commences parallely in West Bengal too during this time. Even though there can be no alternate of a Bangladeshi pitha, West Bengal is not that behind, especially in the rural area. Widespread popularity of varieties of pitha can be noticed presently in this part of Bengal too.

Not only in the occasions of the winters, recently this piece of delicacy has been the star preparation for any occasion. The winter is looked upon as the ideal season for its preparation since the onset of Nabanna aromatic Atap Rice and the best quality jaggery all come together to form the best pitha. In Ban…