Savory Tomato Sooji Halwa - Nonta Suji


Mango Mantra

আমমাম্রফলং পিষ্টং রাজিকালবণান্বিতম
ভৃষ্টহিঙ্গুযুতং পুতং ঘোলিতং জালিরুচ্যতে
Dry roast asafoetida gum, make powder of it, wash and peel raw mango, put in a bowl of fresh water to remove the tannin. Grind the raw mangoes, mustard seeds, asafoetida, and salt, mix with plain water to make whey from it. Strain and store in a glass or stone jar. It is called "jali." It is used traditionally as a home remedy to improve voice quality, itchy tongue, loss of appetite or food apathy. Mango Pickle - Aamer Acchar MorobbaBy Barnali Dutta Published: June 21, 2015 Pickles made by traditional methods contain Lactobacillus produced by fermentation in brine [salt and water], though pickles made using vinegar are free from it. Lactobacillus bacteria make traditional pickles probiotic. Among other pickles mango pickle is the Most Preferred Pickle in whole of India. The choice, the availability, thousands of traditional recipes in every region, and the expertise skills of the masses create a d…

Disc-O-Deewane Ahah

Spicy Oats and Semolina Cake with Peanut PickleBy Barnali Dutta Published: March 30, 2015Cooking has evolved into an act of existence from being just a habit of the sophisticated. My children, both my daughters and my son, wear a tasty intellect. They can accurately reconstruct taste memories of previous versions of a particular dish and chirp out advises like a pro. This is one of those favorite wholesome quick and comfort dishes that they can cook without knowing that they are cooking. They just like to add more nuts and less chili in the recipe.4.8 stars based on 12 reviews, Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 15 min | Total time: 30 min
Yield: 12 cakes [6 servings] Serving size: 2 cakes, Calories per serving: 250, Fat per serving: 2gIngredients:For Cake : Semolina or Suji: 250gOats: 100gSour Curd: 350gWater: 100gSalt: to tasteSugar: 1/2 tspEno Fruit Salt: 2 tspFor tempering : Minced carrot, shallot, green chili, g…

Phul Kurry

Sojne Phul Tarkari - Moringa Oleifera Flower CurrySojne Phul Tarkari - Moringa Oleifera Flower CurryIn our childhood days gatherings and preparing dishes from items of the wild or of the neighborhood garden was a regular day activity, which when defined is not so unsophisticated like nowadays. Now we prefer food found in the local market rather than grown or collected. I still remember during summer holidays how we quietly did shake the sojne trees and collect handful of flowers. Truly speaking for me growing veggies [without soil] in own kitchen garden is more interesting than snatching from other's. I have had a lifetime passion and patience for this.

Moringa Oleifera flower is slightly bitter in taste than its fruit. I generally cook any bitter dish with combination of sweet vegetables. This traditional recipe can be cooked both with brinjal or sweet pumpkin. I prefer pumpkin.

By Barnali Dutta published: March 14, 20154.0 stars based on 11 reviews , Prep time:…

Ele Bele Maachh - UNConditional Love

Bele Maachher Jhaal - Spicy Goby FishBele Maachher Jhaal - Spicy Goby FishBele fish [Glossogobius giuris] is a kind of fish that likes to lie amidst the sand or sandstone, found in streams and rivers usually associated with streams having gravel or sand substrates. It feeds mainly on filamentous algae and and also small fishes and crustaceans. The tank goby, বেলে Bele of Bangladesh,  Scribbled goby of Sri Lanka, Weligouva or Bia of Philippines found in the rainy season in the rivers, streams and beels. It cannot live in muddy water for long.

    The real test one has to face while cooking this recipe is to keep the fish from breaking since it becomes very brittle while cooking within a few minutes and it becomes a matter one's patience that determines the succces of producing this recipe as a whole. When this is accomplished the dish is given a particular name "Bele Machher Jhaal". While one can take pride on passing the test on the other hand one does not need to feel …